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“OUT of ANNAPOLIS” is currently in the final stages of “post production” and expected to be ready for release in early spring 2010.

The film is about U.S. Naval Academy Alumni who now identify as LGBT. It will not include any active duty or reserve personnel, including midshipmen. All those appearing in the film are USNA alumni, telling their personal stories and no others.

The Producer/Director, Steve Clark Hall, has been a “visionary” benefactor at Frameline for many years. The production was launched at the encouragement of the directors/staff of several LGBT film festivals including Three Dollar Bill Cinema (Seattle) the Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival (Colorado Springs) who constantly seek out material which would be of interest to their audiences.

Although “Don't Ask Don't Tell” (DADT) played a key factor in the lives of some the participants, the film would risk being “overcome by events” prior to or soon after the first screening if it were a commentary targeting DADT. The desired outcome of the film is to provide viewers with a keen appreciation of the powerful positive influence the Naval Academy has upon the lives of those who are privileged to attend, despite their LGBT identity.

The initial public screening will be in New York 12 June, 2010.

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Press Kit Contents

”Festival Screener” DVD's include the “Out of Annapolis” press kit which contains the following:

  • Short synopsis
  • Medium synopsis
  • “Out of Annapolis” Study Quick Facts
  • Still media taken from the actual film (files below)


    An “all new” 1:45 trailer for “OUT of ANNAPOLIS” will be released on 1 April, 2010 and will be included on all screener DVDs after that date.

    Quicktime movie files are available in a variety of sizes and with/without features and can be downloaded directly.

    720p24 HD - Complete (511 MB): HD trailer-1280x720/24p

    Other versions of the trailer with/without M&E track and with/without lower-third graphis are available, please contact us for more info.

    The contents of all “Out of Annapolis” trailers are copyrighted. Please call or e-mail us to obtain permission prior to use which we will normally grant in writing via email.


    Images from the film: (downloadable, may be used without further permission, please credit ©2010 USNA Out, Out of Annapolis")

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    About 400 more still images are available, contact us if you have any specific requirements or desires.

    Images from production: